Hello, I am Jhael Hakimian 

Daughter of a king
It's me


To encourage men and women to integrate God's empowering grace into every dimension of their life from parenting, marriage, finance, work, etc.


Jhael Hakimian brings a diversity of knowledge and experiences to the way she serves people and organizations.

She is passionate and grateful to be educating and equipping people with the knowledge and skills necessary to advance social, personal and spiritual life-changing truths through small and large groups, one on one and virtual sessions, social media and through her website: www.Jhael.com

She has broad experience in business, pastoral ministry, consulting professionals, public speaking, activism, teaching, mentoring and grassroots leadership training.

She currently works with Grass Leadership Academy recruiting, training, and developing grassroots activists, professionals, business and nonprofit leaders from diverse backgrounds that share a love for freedom, family, community and overall holistic prosperity.

She works with Impact Family Network as a Women’s Life Coach and Couples Pastoral Counselor.

She partners with the Leadership Empowerment Network as a speaker for GLA integrating holistic principles of freedom, equality, and prosperity into her training.

She is the Chief Operating Officer of an Arise partner and Work From Home company Global Presence Solutions and a consultant with Global Presence Network. She works closely with her husband Jack Hakimian.

In addition to holding a Bachelor of Science in Education and trying to change the world, Jhael and her husband Jack are raising four boys – five if you count her mini-Yorkie, Judah – in South Florida.


God has given me multiple passion and skills. If I were to summarize them it comes down to these four:

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  • Website:www.jhael.com

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